Sooooooo I’m so stoked…

For a while now I’ve been experimenting with fonts a bit. Mostly, I would write out all the text by myself and recently downloaded Cyanide and Happiness’s font to use in my own cartoons. It didn’t feel quite right as my own, I suppose, because it wasn’t my own! LOL Well, I finally got around to digitizing my own handwriting as in creating a font in my drawing program (Clip Studio Paint). I must say, my writing resembles very closely the playfulness that I like in the Kirsten TC font, used in Yin + Yangster’s headline but also feels a bit Fox Trotty, if ya know what I mean. LOL

Hmm, maybe I should change Yin + Yangster to my own font.

Anyway, just a little confession… a lot of times the things that happen in my comics aren’t always from the characters portrayed. Often times, I find it funnier if it came from the father figure so I just use him as a cover. This conversation happened between my daughter and I.