This cartoon took forever to draw. I couldn’t get the perspective on the table right… I laboured over the placement of the chess pieces… and yes, to all the chess lovers out there, I do realize a chess board is 8×8. It was too hard to draw that out completely.

I must admit, one of my favourite cartoonists is Gary Larson of The Far Side (sadly my students born post 1990’s don’t even know who he is!). As such, he’s known for drawing cows a lot. I do think he has some good chicken gags too. Personally, I can’t draw cows that well but I’m liking the chicken jokes so there will definitely be more chicken cartoons in the future! 🙂

The inspiration for this cartoon just came with the frustration of dealing with my toddler who takes FOREVER to eat a couple bites of food unless it’s candy, cake or chocolate. She just ends up playing with it most of the time and when I’m not looking that’s probably when she scarfs it all down. Anyone else feel my pain?