On Saturday May 21, 2016 I attended Vancouver’s Comic Arts Festival where I got to meet Lynn Johnston, creator of For Better or For Worse comic strip. If you don’t know who she is, go google her now! She’s so talented and what she’s contributed to the cartooning world as a female, as a Canadian, as a mom just inspires me to work harder. She’s won the cartooning world’s equivalent of an Oscar (called the Reuben award), was close friends to Peanuts creator Charles Schultz etc. I could gush more but I won’t. She draws phenomenally well, I am just an amateur in comparison! (Ok I lied about not gushing any more). Her comic strip was very real and thoughtful, bringing up lots of real life issues. I’m extremely excited because she agreed to critique my work at some point. So I’ll update you on that when I find out. 😀