Of all the comics I could have drawn, I decided to go with this one that freshly popped up in my mind this morning. I shall not reveal how it came about, lol though you can probably guess. Due to time constraints, I was inspired to simplify my drawings so I decided to emulate a famous online strip. Can you guess which one?

As I did research for it, I realized that though the cartoonists’ drawings appear simple, they are actually quite capable when they need to be. In cartoon simplicity then, you would need to capture the essence of emotions and feelings in very few lines drawn as well as rely heavily on good writing to communicate your intended punchline. For the most part, this famous webcomic appears simple but is actually much more skilled than originally thought. I admire that, and hope that my own work can one day reflect the same. I am still quite terrible at drawing perspectives, cars, houses, planes, bicycles, tables even… lol It sort of begs the question, “Well then, what AM i good at drawing?” LOL

Anyway, all this to say, Yin + Yangster is still a work in progress!…  I am a work in progress! 🙂