Maaaan it’s been a rough week at work.

I lost all my students’ marks on the USB stick I stored them on. And nope, I did not back them up. Oh and did I mention that marks were due two days later??? HAHA! Epic FAIL!!!

I think my 2 year old daughter took my USB stick and hid it somewhere in the house. Somewhere not obvious. Somewhere too elusive and too marvelous for a mortal mother to beset her eyes upon… Ever had to plea in utter desperation with a cute as heck 2 year old with curls and bright eyes who confuses yes for no and no for yes?? It was absolute comedic gold as I can laugh about it now.

Well, it basically burned a few hours of my life as I turned my place upside down in search of said USB stick. Long story short, I did not find it… and I slept very little in the days that ensued until I was able to re-enter all my marks based off of marks that I post in the classroom for students. So not all was lost, just maybe 98%. Lost hours of sleep and pumped in 10 hours to set it all up again.

So finding this cartoon in my archives seemed pretty appropriate.

ps Goodness… Christmas Break is upon us. I hope to crank out a cartoon daily while school’s out. Maybe y’all can keep me accountable. 🙂