Sooooooo I initially started a parenting cartoon on how tired I feel but then I got to thinking about the movie that’s currently sweeping the globe (apparently) on Netflix.

I am the biggest chicken when it comes to the genre of horror even though this movie was more of a thriller. I could only watch this movie with my husband in the same room. That way, if I looked away or covered my eyes, he could at least tell me what was happening! ha

The movie I’m talking about of course, is Sandra Bullock’s ‘Bird Box”. I had NO idea what it was about except that it was scary and insanely popular. After watching it, I have to say, I quite liked it. *SPOILER ALERT* I was able to like it because the ending was hopeful. And since I’m a mother of 3 young children, I hardly ever get out of the house except to buy groceries or check the mailbox. So every adult conversation goes exactly as you see here, in this comic.

I have another Bird Box comic I might draw for next week. Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

Anyway, have a Fantastic Friday! šŸ™‚