The Province, March 27, 2016

Social media is a funny thing. And by funny I meant prior to my comics becoming more serious, I hadn’t ventured onto Twitter or Instagram. I hear there’s also Pinterest, Google, Tumblr, Snapchat etc. Call me an Old Fart but I almost exclusively use Facebook and Whatsapp. For the longest time I’d hear references of “follow me on <insert social media platform here>”. The only other situation I’d hear it was when I (a.k.a. my husband) was hopelessly lost and a friend would swoop in and tell us to “follow me”. Oh there’s one more situation. Last, but not least:

Jesus says “follow me” a few times in the Bible.

What happens if I combined these two ideas? The result is the cartoon you see above 🙂 The date of publication was Easter Sunday so I was delighted that my editor chose this cartoon. I was also pleasantly surprised that it has proven quite popular among my friends and on social media. My favourite part of the cartoon is the branding of Holy Active Wear — coming to a store near you.