I must confess… this is a late post because my originally scheduled post didn’t pass muster when I sent it to my husband and some close friends and family. The rebellious me wanted to post it in response to some of the racism that the Chinese community in Canada/USA has experienced over hyped up coronavirus fears.

After much thought, I decided against posting it out of respect for those who may be offended. *sigh*

Anyway, not to make light of the entire coronavirus situation, I just couldn’t help but see the similarities in what has now become this comic. I still pour over a lot of the news coverage regarding coronavirus and I must say, the western media has done a much better job covering it with fresh information. I particularly enjoy the New York Times as they have written some thorough pieces that included information already reported on in Chinese news outlets. Initially I found the coverage from western news quite lacking thus was going a bit crazy when I read Chinese news.

So yes, wash your hands often, don’t share drinks, stay away from sickies, stay home if sick and if you have extra cash, maybe invest in Tesla (TSLA). Hahaha. It’s like the new “bitcoin”… it seems too good to be true!