There is a woman. Her name is Jane.

Among her many attributes, she is kind, generous and brilliant.

I first met Jane at a meetup group on August 8, 2015 A.K.A. International Bubble Tea day. I couldn’t resist attending as they were giving away FREE bubble tea, which absolutely satisfies my Chinese love language of all things free.

It looked like most people were young, single and ready to mingle. I, on the other hand, couldn’t care less how I looked. I was carting around my 11 month old daughter in a stroller and I wasn’t wearing my wedding rings. Now this could very well just be my bubble tea withdrawal-induced hallucinations that affected my perception of reality but it seemed as though everyone was judging me to be a single mom disaster since most people just gawked at me.

Jane, however did not. She approached me and basically started chatting me up. I’m glad our love of bubble tea brought us together. 🙂

Without further ado, here’s a cartoon just for you.

Happy Birthday, Jane!

ps on the inside of the card, I wrote “Wishing your birthday’s not over in a flash!”