*Sigh* Just found out I was rejected again to something I applied for cartooning-related. It’s not easy being cheesy. Oops, I mean it’s not easy doing this cartooning thing. For those not in the know, it is a fiercely competitive profession. FIERCELY!! There is a LOT of amazing talent out there, some have yet to be discovered. People seem to think that it’s easy establishing yourself out there, but I suppose like anything worthwhile, it takes a lot of dedication, discipline, perseverance and grit to see these things through. Some might even argue that luck is a factor.

Well, back to our scheduled program!

So Valentine’s is practically here. I decided to do a zombie-themed one as it actually coincides with The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere. I’m not really a huge fan of gore and gratuitous violence but it’s one of the shows I watch with my husband. So for the sake of our marriage… ha.

Nothing much to it… Happy Zombie Valentine’s Day!