I just wanted to caution readers not to read too much into my cartoons. It may be tempting to think that I’m immortalizing interactions with my poor husband when in actual fact I am not. I do have a bit of an imagination so most of my ideas are from my musings. Sometimes though, I may draw something from personal experience but I would try my best to hide the identities if it ever comes to that. LOL

This cartoon came about from a natural progression of this thought process. “‘Hi’ is another way to say ‘hello’, so is ‘hi-ya’ equivalent to ‘hello-ya’?” Some cartoons are dumb and that’s why they’re precisely funny. LOL Maybe I just like stuff like that.

Anyway, my husband saw this and thought of Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 4 or 5. Apparently there’s an infatuated character with a woman who couldn’t care less for him. Something like that… I don’t know. Never watched Game of Thrones. Too many cartoons to draw 🙂