Rapunzel Problems+

Oh just a cartoon I drew in the summer saved for such a (busy) time as this.

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Runaway Meatball+

So we’ve got a little Toy Fox Terrier dog named Pocket. Her fur is white with black spots. And you...

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Haircut 4+

Once when I was a child aspiring to be a cartoonist, I received some good advice from an industry-insider. Namely,...

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Zombie Valentines+

*Sigh* Just found out I was rejected again to something I applied for cartooning-related. It’s not easy being cheesy. Oops,...

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Rejection Hurts+

Life is quite busy but full. So, in an effort to reduce the amount of effort (haha) required to crank out...

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I’m sure plenty of cartoonists before me have drawn up this punchline in one form or another. I don’t claim...

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I just wanted to caution readers not to read too much into my cartoons. It may be tempting to think...

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