As I watch myself go through the check list of a crying baby:

Diaper clean? Check.
Baby fed? Check.
Baby burped? Check.
Baby gassy? Check.
Baby tired? Check.
Baby warm enough? Check.

I realized, what if there’s something causing the crying that ISN’T part of the checklist? And then, I imagined what it could be and since my twins (the girl especially) have an abnormally large head and arms and hands that just randomly flail, I figured this comic’s punchline could be a legitimate annoyance.

Originally I had the last panel use the word “moron” but felt it seemed too harsh for a family-friendly cartoon strip and planned to replace it with “big lug”. Now, I always do my due diligence to ensure my expressions convey my intentions. Well, did you know “big lug” is an affectionate term for a man with a large, strong physique but gentle personality? I honestly thought it meant a big guy who’s a bit goofy or clumsy. Whoops, not what I wanted to convey! So, I opted for “nincompoop” instead. It has poop in it. ‘Nuff said. Hahaha