So I was talking to a friend and basically while discussing plans during these COVID times to be “up in the air”, the thought of my husband’s career flashed in my mind. Here’s a cartoon from a few years ago just to refresh your memory. ( Once upon a time, he was on the 777 but switched to the 737 Max to be around more to help with the twins. After finishing his checkride, the 737 Maxes were grounded globally March 13, 2019 and has yet to be approved to return to the skies. I suppose this cartoon isn’t limited only to this particular fleet since COVID has severely limited a lot of flights anyhow…

The bald character in my cartoon strip (some say he looks like Caillou) hasn’t been developed as much but I guess now I’m committing to him being a pilot. All this to say, there will definitely be more pilot-related jokes in the future!! 🙂

Here’s hoping for a safe return to service sooner than later!!