I must confess.

There is a word that irks me to my core.

It is the B-word…

When I hear someone say “I’m boooored” or “This is booooring”, it sets off a mix of emotions within. Annoyance, exasperation, and a general sense of “so what?!” To me, being bored isn’t a bad thing! In fact, being bored is what gives us the space to be creative. I think I take offense to it as if I’m supposed to be the one responsible for entertaining them. I would never say anything like that to my parents or teachers and yet here we are, in this digital age where children are constantly being bombarded with the latest and greatest in games, apps and screens. In our house, it has become a dirty word that I’ve banished from its use. Instead, I instruct my daughter that if she is indeed bored, then it is up to her to change that. Go draw a picture, read a book, clean up your desk, play with your siblings… anything is better than nothing! I want her to be a problem-solver and not simply a complainer.

Anyway, congratulations! You’ve discovered a pet peeves of mine! LOL