Well I’ve just come back from Mexico a little swarthier, a little heavier and certainly itchier than before. It was a nice relaxing vacation where all I had to do was eat, lounge in the pool and sleep. Lethargy and perhaps diet made me susceptible to preying mosquitoes. Ugh, how I hate them. I practically had to shake my legs constantly whenever I was wearing shorts sitting down giving off the impression that I’ve got ADHD! Truth be told, I do have a short attention spa—

Back to the comics!! Whenever my daughter finally fell asleep at night, I would work hard drawing a cartoon before i retired around 3:30am. That’s really been my summer schedule and lately a goal of mine to crank out a cartoon a night. I haven’t always succeeded but aim for the stars, right?

This cartoon was drawn before my vacation but had been on my mind for a while. Teaching my toddler manners is probably just as difficult as herding cats. This scenario basically happened to me, so here I have immortalized my darling little angel in cartoon. Feel free to share with a friend who can relate! 🙂