Oh maaaaan, it’s been a tough little go here. I haven’t slept properly for almost 6 months now. That’s how long the twins have been around. So please forgive me for my incoherent sentences and imperfect grammar. They’ve been waking up a lot the last few days. 2-5 times each baby. I am the only one on night shift since my husband has a job that requires his full mental capacity at work else people die. And now, the twins have caught a cold. Great. Juuuuuuuuust great. *Whine whine whiiiiiiiiiine* <– That’s me by the way!

So in the spirit of the past while, I thought I’d finish the cartoon I initially started up last week. I was going for a “Ren & Stimpy” still frame if you know what i mean. You know, a close-up shot of a painted frame that reveals too many details. Still just experimenting so please go easy on my fragile (sleep-deprived) ego!