This week, I had a lot of new ideas for comics to draw but I chose the simplest one. Some other punchlines that have taken a back seat include this year’s particularly bad mosquito population, overtired mom, what’s for dinner and a duck cartoon. LOL

Today’s cartoon was inspired by a true event, though not 100% as depicted. My son is always giggling and laughing at everything that I don’t find funny: crashing his toy cars into me, spilling milk all over the floor, running away from me when I’m trying to change his diaper, playing hide and seek when I’m trying to brush his teeth… and this particular day he poked my eye! I just feigned a major injury as I slumped to the floor, holding my eye in pretend agony. Did he have any sympathy? No, he just proceeded to sit on me, hop up and down and laugh at me. LOL. Ok…. that’s only funny in hindsight 🙂

What do your kids do that they find funny?