As I sit here at my tablet, listening to the thunderous roar of the rainstorm pelting down outside, I realize that perhaps with the changing of the seasons, I have grown a bit unmotivated to draw my beloved cartoons. My grade 12 world lit teacher called this “internalization of landscape” or was it “externalization of inner mood”? haha


There have been many a transitions this September: I’ve returned to work part-time and my daughter has commenced kindergarten. I am juggling the twins with errands and chores (of which the latter is easiest to neglect) and find myself quite exhausted by the time I am afforded “me time”. Maybe this is what it feels like to “burn the candle at both ends”. Maybe I’m on the brink of a burn out, I don’t know. It is definitely a busy season in this time of my life but stubbornly, I endeavor to persist in slogging through and pushing out as best as I can, a comic weekly.

So without further ado, here is a comic where I am just reporting on real-life events.

Ps Just finished it today, and it’s Monday! Eep!!