True story.

Not the punchline, but the thought that occurred to me.

I love cuddling these little helpless human beings. They have no choice but to rest in my chest.

Problem is, I only have one chest. One baby per chest is what I figure to be most comfortable.

So OF COURSE, greedy lil ol’ me wants to snuggle both comfortably at the same time.

And behold, a cartoon is born!

It’s December 14 now, 10 days away from my birthday and 11 days from Christmas! ACK!!! Where does the time go??? Survival. Survival is where the time goes. I dream about drawing and publishing cartoons more often. It’s not for lack of ideas because I can’t ink them as fast as I can think them! Does anyone out there have a trick on how to squeeze out more time in a day? Oh do tell, do tell! I’m all ears!