I got carried away with this one.

I just wanted to pay a nice tribute to all the overworked and often underappreciated moms out there. Raising children is the hardest but most important thing I’ve ever had to endure, especially when they come at you with sass they’ve inherited! Ugh!! They force me to be a better person as inevitably the furnace of obstinance melts away all my social graces and a very raw and ugly me remains. :s

At my daughter’s preschool today they had a very pleasant Mother’s Day Tea where they played “Mother’s Connection” akin to the game show “Love Connection”. Basically, 4 moms and their kids stood in front of the class. A question was asked by the teacher and the mom has to write her answer on some paper, reveal it then compare it with what the child had answered previously, now recorded on their own sheet of paper. For our round, the question was “What is Mommy good at doing?” I bit my lower lip and nervously joked with the mom next to me, “I hope she didn’t say ‘yelling’!” We both had a good hearty laugh.

Anyway, I wrote “drawing cartoons”. My daughter’s answer was “cooking and reading books with me”. Awww, way better answer than mine! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!!