We were fortunate enough to be able to travel sans 1 y old twins to Europe a couple of weeks ago (Mucho thanks to my parents and sister). First stop was Berlin for 4 very short nights to attend my friend’s beautiful wedding and then 5 nights in Scotland where we visited “Grandma” Jessie, a woman who had attended our church for decades and only returned to Scotland for her sunset years recently.

Don’t let her sweet face fool you. She is a woman of sharp wit and intelligence. We were blessed to stay with her for 2 nights and so had many opportunities to listen to her and her family and friends natter away in a thick Scottish accent. It’s so cute, and funny, and cute again! I can’t help but hear Uncle Scrooge or Austin Powers’ accent come through as that is the extent of my Scottish exposure in Canada, aside from shortbread cookies and plaid of course. There’s a predictable sing-songy ness and cadence to Scottish dialogue that makes it fun to decipher and so, with one of their often used words, this cartoon was born.

My husband has some Scottish blood in him and so we found ourselves at Leslie Castle of the Leslie Clan (of which my husband is descended from) and stayed overnight! It was a pretty neat experience especially for my oldest daughter.

Anyway, late post… but here it is. Have a fantastic long weekend!