When we go for walks, my daughter has learned to smell the roses and daisies, and tulips and rhododendrons and… that’s the extent of my knowledge of flowers. The point is, she notices flowers…. Every. Last. One.

She knows not to pluck them but to enjoy them with her eyes. However, the little loose weedy flowers, what are they called, buttercups? I don’t know, they look like daisies, but they’re everywhere and they grow like weeds. They must be a cousin to dandelions… anyway, she has this habit of blowing every single flowering dandelion seed ball (Taraxacum) and plucking weedy flowers for me, or for us to bring home. Every, single, time!

So, in an effort to keep these things at bay, I have learned to toss them out when she’s not looking. Otherwise, I’d incur her momentary wrath. It’s really quite cute! lol