This cartoon took me a bit longer than normal to complete because… I’ve been obsessing over the coronavirus that’s currently got a portion of China in lockdown! The stuff ya hear, read, watch on Chinese social media through personal contacts or otherwise paints a far graver picture than what is currently being reported in official western news outlets. Anyway, I’m going to just take *solace* in the fact that more people die each year from the flu than the current stats on this virus… I had no idea the flu was that big of a deal! What in tarnations?!! I’m just so scared and heartbroken for the people of China affected by this. I can’t even imagine… it’s like a really bad dream, the stuff of movies!!

Also, just going through a slump with my cartoons. I think it’s just the usual self-doubt that seems to plague my fellow creative friends every now and then. *sigh* How to dig myself out?