So even though I had a cartoon ready, I skipped posting a cartoon last week and I feel terrible. The OCD in me hounds me to post once weekly and I’ve managed to do that since the twins were born so for about 16 months (or I guess that would be about 66 weeks) but last week I cracked… I was on a 12.5h plane ride to Taiwan and I was beat. I brought my tablet foolishly thinking that I would have time to draw BAHAHA! 16h difference in timezone sort of knocks the wind out of your sails… so just when we were somewhat adjusted to jetlag, BOOM! We find ourselves home now and having to readjust ourselves back to normal.

Anyway, it was a fun whirl-wind trip showing my parents around as my mom’s never been to Asia. I joke that I had to show her my hometown LOL. For those of you who don’t know, I feel that Taiwan is my second home as I was there in my early 20s teaching English and studying Chinese as well as forming friendships with special people that have lasted still to this day 🙂 I highly recommend visiting this underrated island as there is much to see, do, experience and taste and it is nothing like the west! Haha!

My jetlagged brain is not quite capable of doing much now so I’ll just post the cartoon I drew up before I left.

Have a great week, Everyone!