Just when Metro Vancouver thought the worst snow storm was over, WHAM!! We’re pelted with another wave of snow which is quite unusual in our mild climate. I initially put this idea on the back burner for next winter but lo and behold, I didn’t have to wait too long.

If you fail to shovel your sidewalk you might just incur a fine from your local municipality. Naturally I wanted to keep my sidewalks clear and salted but there was such a huge salt shortage in my region it was ridiculous. I would frequent Walmart, Home Depot, London Drugs, Save On Foods and Canadian Tire only to come up empty-handed…  Every. Single. Time.

The good ol’ noggin started thinking about scenarios where salt was detrimental.

Yes, I know, there aren’t slugs in the winter. It doesn’t have to work perfectly since it’s just a cartoon, after all.

Without further ado…. would somebody please think of the slugs???