The Province, Mar. 13, 2016.

People sometimes ask me where I get my inspiration from. Sometimes my mind wanders, but often times it’s just from hanging out with people. I listen to their language and the idioms that inevitably come out. I swear, there’s such a goldmine of punchlines waiting to be discovered. Such is “thinking outside the box”. Now, I’m not a cat person since my body does not allow me to be. My eyes get itchy, my nose runs and my throat closes up. However, I do know that cats do their business in a box. Alas, I married the two ideas together.

The blonde person in the cartoon is my sister-in-law and Zuzu is her cat. I drew this up and was hoping to publish it around her birthday in March. It just so happened that my editor unknowingly granted me her birthday present a couple days after her actual birthday!