Since I’m now sporting a bob cut, I’ve got a series of multi-panel cartoons that I’d like to do just on haircuts. This is actually the third haircut cartoon. Haircut 2 didn’t quite make the cut. *pun intended* HAHAHAHA That just rolled out of nowhere!

The other day in class I was teaching my Math 9 students about coordinates (or points) on the graph of a linear equation. “Any coordinate that satisfies the linear equation is on the line… that’s the point!” Yep, I was met with many a groans… and I absolute luuuurv it!!!

Ok so this cartoon was actually birthed while I was drawing up another cartoon. So, I didn’t get to finish the original cartoon since this one came from it. Am I blabbering? Maybe. I guess it’s 3am and I need to sleep now. Been up since 6am.

Alrighty folks. Good night from the Pacific Northwest!

Stay classy, Vancouver!