Full credit for the idea of THIS CARTOON WHY IS THIS ALL CAPS?? FEELS LIKE I’M SHOUTING… *Ahem* as I was saying, full credit for the idea of this cartoon goes to my husband 🙂

Our dog is a little 7 lb Toy Fox Terrier, but man can she eat. In fact, I’m quite grateful that as my daughter goes through the messy/picky eating days of toddlerhood, my trusty dog Pocket is right there cleaning the floors! Isn’t this what we call a symbiotic relationship? She takes her floor-cleaning duties very seriously. Love that little dog…

Once I was dogsitting for my parents. They had 2 large dogs (Akita crosses): Brandy and Pippa. Brandy wolfs down all her food at once while Pippa was the type to nibble her food over hours in her dainty Pippa way. I left my dog and my parents’ dogs together for a few hours. BIG MISTAKE. Pippa’s food bowl was 3/4 full when I left the house but upon my return was about 1/4 full. In addition, there were 3 little poop piles and 2 small vomit piles of undigested kibbles. *Roll the queue for guilty bad dog footage*. There was NO QUESTION who the guilty party was based on the small piles, Pocket’s guilty expression AND her over bloated belly! I hadn’t seen anything like it! She looked like those blow-up clowns you use to practice boxing with. Her tummy was HARD and FULL. I was afraid that if I applied a bit of pressure to her stomach, her stomach would explode!

So, I tried drawing Pocket on that day, from memory and I think I pretty much nailed it!