Anyone else have a very drooly baby?

I’ve been meaning to ink this one for a while ever since one of the twins started drooling like mad! I thought I’d also coincide it with the first time the dog is introduced! Still not sure yet what to name her on Yin + Yangster. My dog in real life is named Pocket and she’s a Toy Fox Terrier. Clever little girl. Hilarious as heck. Helps me clean the floors, and cheerfully might I add! I was thinking maybe I can call her “Doctor” on the strip. That would be funny. No diss to doctors at all, maybe a slight teasing of the Chinese culture that likes to dish out auspicious names (When was the last time you ate at Good Fortune Restaurant?). I could sorta run with it. Imagine a medical emergency on the strip. “Is there a doctor in the house?!” Then my trusty ol’ 7 lb dog comes galloping on scene, tail and tongue wagging furiously ready to report for duty. lol Anyway, just a thought at the moment. Comments and suggestions welcome! 🙂