The other day, I brought the munchkins to a park. Now, all 3 of the them are very possessive with...

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Tick Tock+

Soooooooo yes, the title is a bit misleading… lol I guess on purpose! I love the element of surprise in...

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As I sit here at my tablet, listening to the thunderous roar of the rainstorm pelting down outside, I realize...

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Baby’s First Word+

Ain’t this the truth? lol So i drew this with only one baby since drawing the twins is a bit...

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Tired Mama+

Sleep, anyone? 🙂 A special shout out to my fellow sleep-deprived but ambitious mamas.

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Mewey on Raising Daughters+

My dad was always outnumbered growing up. Under one roof he had to share his castle with Mom, 4 daughters...

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It’s Snot+

So we all came back from San Diego a little bit plugged up and under the weather. In particular, my...

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Zombie Parent+

So the Walking Dead is back on again so I decided to draw another zombie cartoon, mixed with parenting.

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