Well, I initially posted this on Sunday with a little write-up. Seems a bit silly now given how dynamic this situation has become in just a few days. I hadn’t finished the cartoon because I fell asleep every night at the computer and woke up with “keyboard face” around 2 or 3am. Dangnabbit!

So basically, I wanted to draw a cartoon surrounding the mass hysteria of toilet-paper buying. My husband actually came up with the punchlines, while I embellished a bit in the background. Took me a while since I’m a bit OCD with details, despite my best intentions.

Today the WHO announced Covid-19 to be a global pandemic with the hopes that it would jump-start preventative measures in many countries that have not taken appropriate precautions to date. Prior to this, panic had settled in early within the Asian community long before this due to the observances of what was happening in China. I was probably one of them, which manifested itself in posting a lot of coronavirus links to my personal facebook page (and spamming a few of you unlucky friends of mine). Haha. Since then, I think I’ve calmed down some as people are more aware of it. Before I felt I had the duty of being Chicken Little. So while it is a serious threat, my wish is not to dismiss anyone’s fears or state of alarm… after all, it is a survival mechanism, isn’t it? However, I just don’t understand why toilet paper is/was the go-to item instead of perhaps food, water, soap, detergent and a thermometer even?

Please do take care everyone. We still have a ways to go… This is the time for the lifestyle of Introverts to shine!