One of my biggest pet peeves right now is the amount of hair I am shedding! It is everywhere! Well, no, not really but it certainly feels that way! I see it on my twins’ faces, on my sweaters, T-shirts, the bathroom sink and floor… and don’t even get me started on the amount I lose in the shower! It’s a wonder I haven’t gone bald yet!! UGH!!! And my poor 7 lb dog! I guess I should stop here before it becomes TMI! Haha I’ve become so paranoid that I even feel phantom hairs touching my skin around my neck or chest region and I’m constantly trying to pluck them off. So, as you can see, today’s cartoon is just a manifestation of my imagination running away.

Ps…. I’ve introduced my favourite drink ~ bubble tea ~ but if you’re weird I guess you call it boba tea. Hahaha! Though it wasn’t the focal point of the punchline, I couldn’t resist drawing it! Can anyone guess what my favourite flavour is?