Well, today marks the 1 year anniversary from whence these twinkies entered the world. Life is a blur as everyday truly is survival. That old age cliche is true, the days are long but the years are short!

And just a disclaimer, no, we do not let our children climb on counters to knock vases on unsuspecting siblings below. My husband was afraid people might actually think that! I just took a bit of liberty to demonstrate how different the twins are. The boy is at the pulling everything off the shelves and tables stage and oh does he scream. My ears have never been under attack for so long. They still ring at night πŸ™ Meanwhile his sister, is just really chill, so very chill… until she’s not. lol She’s always smiling and giggling and flailing her legs in excitement!

I could write more but alas I think my brain has reached its quota of proper adult sentences for today. lol

Here’s to another year of survival! πŸ™‚