So on May 20-21, 2017 I attended the 5th annual Vancouver Comics Arts Festival (VanCAF) where I met the creator of Savage Chickens, Doug Savage. His name immediately brings musings of whether he’s related to Fred or if he is indeed as his surname implies. Well, I can safely say after having met him, he is a humble, kind and soft-spoken man. I wonder if he ever gets angry!

I saw him last year interviewing Lynn Johnston (Creator of For Better or For Worse) at the conference. I didn’t approach him at his booth because I was too chicken (ha!) but you may recognize his iconic flair: cartoon chickens on Post-it notes. Even the hubby made a special request to acquire his Savage Chickens book which seems ever so elusive at obtaining. One day, I’ll get my hands on this book… one day!! You can check out more of his work at

I showed Doug some samples of my own cartoons. He was very gracious not to dash my dreams across the concrete floor just yet and instead was very encouraging about my own journey. So, in honour of him, and his unique style, I decided to serve up a lil’ Savage Chicken 🙂

*Drawn with permission